Kids In Quarantine

Kids In Quarantine School Excursion

Bring your class on a walking adventure through the Quarantine Station!

Kids In Quarantine introduces students to the concept of quarantine, and the history of the site, particularly in light of the stories of newly arriving migrants to Australia in the 19th and 20th centuries. Spending time walking and outside allows for connection with the natural environment. 

First contacts, ship travel, migration, living conditions, treatment of disease, segregation based on class and race, and games are some of the themes explored on this program. Hands-on activities such as nature sculptures on the beach,  studying artefacts, role play, and carving inscriptions allow for experiential learning. Students get a little taste of life back then and are able to compare it with their own.  

Buildings visited may include the Shower Block, Autoclaves, Hospital, Morgue, Steerage Precinct . Content and area visited in this program are determined by the developmental level of the students and the particular curricular goals for the visit,

Kids in Quarantine includes the activity Unpacking Stories of Quarantine or Hands on Artefacts allowing for investigation of artefacts and primary sources from the Quarantine Station moveable heritage collection.

An additional activity of Making Your Mark  (carving clay inscription) allowing students to consider what message that they would want to leave and how would they communicate. It can be added at a cost of $2.50 per student.

Traditional games such as quoits, skipping ropes, and hula hoops are available for use after the tour at no additional cost.


• Suitable for Years 1- 6
• Subject area History, Geography, Science
• Duration 2 hours
• Minimum students 25
• Maximum students 150
• Price per student $17.50

Download the Teacher's kit