ghost boy

Inspired by the book of the same name written by Felicity Pulman, the Ghost Boy Program brings the book to life.

Ghost Boy by Felicity PulmanGhost Boy takes students on a journey through the Quarantine Station during which they learn first-hand about the differences between Tad's world of the 1880s smallpox epidemic as it hit Sydney, and their own world, through the character of Froggy, as he comes in contact with the ghost of his ancestor at the Quarantine Station.

Students visit the key locations discussed in the book and participate in a number of activities through which they are challenged to think about how things have changed from Tad's time to their own, reflecting on issues of migration, identity, multiculturalism, class definition and attitudes towards sickness and death.

Hands-on activities such as studying artefacts, role play, and carving inscriptions allow for experiential learning and encourage empathetic understanding.

Ghost Boy includes the activity Marking Your Mark (carving clay inscriptions) allowing students to consider what message they would want to leave and how would they communicate it. An additional activity, Unpacking Stories of Quarantine, offering a forensic investigation of artefacts and primary sources from the Quarantine Station moveable heritage collection can be added at a cost of $2.50 per student. 

This program can be extended to include a writing workshop with Ghost Boy author Felicity Pulman.

We encourage schools to stay onsite after the Ghost Boy program to spend some free time in the wharf precinct with the Luggage Store Visitor Centre Café, shop & museum & beautiful harbour beach. Traditional games are available for use at no extra cost.

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Ghost Boy


  • Suitable for Stages 2 & 3
  • Subject area HSIE, English & PDHPE
  • Duration 2 hours
  • Minimum students 20
  • Maximum students 150
  • Price per student $17.50