40 Days

The original length of time people were quarantined was 40 days. Our 40 Days interactive experience asks the question, 'What would happen if you were quarantined tomorrow?'

 Focusing on the period of 1918, the busiest period in the Quarantine Station's history, when it was confronted with the epidemic of Spanish Influenza, students participate in a number of site-specific interactives to explore the quarantine processes undertaken by the passengers of the steamship Niagara. Each student is given an identity of a former passenger from the Niagara or a member of the Station's staff. It is through this perspective that they explore the site, its history, and confront questions about one of the deadiest pandemics of all time.

Reflecting on their experience as a quarantined internee and their own biases as 21st century citizens of the world, students are challenged to consider the question 'what would you do?'

This program allows a direct comparison between medical technologies of 1918 and the present; students consider the evolution in communication technologies; reflect on the changing issues of class and race; and contemplate the differences in freedoms expected by citizens today, all whilst flexing their dramatic abilities.

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  • Suitable for Stages 3, 4 & 540 days
  • Subject area HSIE, PDHPE, Science, Drama, History
  • Duration 2 hours
  • Minimum students 24
  • Maximum students 80, please speak with out Education Programm Officer for largers groups
  • Price per student $17.50