From the 1830s to 1984 migrant ships arriving in Sydney with suspected contagious disease anchored inside North Head and off-loaded passengers and crew into quarantine. This was to protect local Sydney residents from the threat of infection.

After several weeks most passengers were released to settle as Australian residents. Some passengers experienced a first class resort, making new friends and sharing dreams of a bright new future. For others it was a far more frightening experience of disempowerment, disease and death.

To really understand what these people went through, and the spirit they left behind, we have created a range of hosted tours. These experiences offer customers varying levels of opportunity to participate in activities that bring out the underlying stories and emotions of those who were here.

We offer 2 public history tours;

QUARANTINE WANDER TOUR  45 mins Daily at 11 am & also at 4.30 pm on Saturday  More Info
QUARANTINE STATION STORY TOUR  2 hours Saturday & Sunday at 2 pm More Info

Do you have a group of friends, or a social club? We can book private tours for 15 or more people. Click here for information on Private Tour Bookings.