Education Programs


How many students usually participate in the education tours at one time?

Min: 20 - Max: 175, depending on the tour in question

How long is the Education Program/ Tour?

Our Educational Programs range from 2 to 2.5 hours in length. If extra activities are requested, they will be longer.

What happens on the day of the excursion?

Groups arrive (generally by coach) at the entrance to the site and are met by the guide(s). They are introduced to the education guides, receive an orientation to the site, and the ground rules are laid out.

25- 30 students (usually in class groups) with their Teacher are taken by a guide for their walking tour of the most significant buildings relating to their particular program. We try to ensure that the most historically significant buildings are visited, the same content is covered, and activities are done but each group will do so in a different order and may not get to everything.

There will be a stop for a toilet break (and a short morning tea) 20-30 minutes into the tour.  A lunch break will be planned either after the program of half way through (depending on size and configuration of the group)

The site is large and hilly and we will cover much of it during the Education Program so all of the teachers and students should be prepared for a considerable amount of walking.

Is there a detailed itinerary available of buildings visited, content and activities on the education tours?

Depending on the Education Program and the configuration of the group, different routes may be taken and buildings visited. Content focus will remain consistent for the specific programs however buildings and routes are subject to change.  We will always endeavour that students will visit the most significant buildings relating to their particular program. We try to ensure that the most historically significant buildings are visited, the same content is covered, and activities are done but each group will do so in a different order and may not get to everything.

How long should we plan on staying onsite?

Most school arrive at 10:00am and depart 1:30-2:00pm, allowing time for lunch and free time in the wharf precinct.

Depending on the size of the group, teachers should allow 20-40 minutes for access into and out of the site before and after the tour. If the group is staying for lunch this usually takes place in the Wharf Precinct. We generally recommend a minimum of 45 minutes to 1.5 hrs for lunch and activities.  

Is it possible for school groups to have recess or lunch on the grounds of the Q Station before or after the tour?

Yes, we encourage school groups to do so because having some downtime onsite helps to integrate the learning and makes for a more meaningful overall experience.

Can we have morning tea or lunch during the tour?

The time allotted for the tours does not include time for morning tea, recess or lunch. We recommend students eat before or after the tour. However, we can usually incorporate a short break for morning tea.

Food & Beverage

Our Visitor Centre kiosk offers a limited selection of hot and cold drinks; savoury and sweet snacks 7 days a week.  Schools are advised to bring lunch and use the café for snack and drinks. We are able to cater for school groups if ordered in advance.

Wheelchair accessible

The Quarantine Station is a heritage site with uneven roads and walking paths, old buildings, and significant hills. Many of the tour buildings are wheelchair accessible but not all. There are a few wheelchair accessible bathrooms. Our shuttle buses are not wheelchair accessible. If you have any members of your party, students or teachers that might have special needs regarding mobility, please alert our education program manager in order to organize a program that will best meet their needs. 

Does the Quarantine Station have a teacher/guardian ratio policy?

One Teacher minimum per class group of 25 students for secondary, 1 Teacher & 1 other Adult for Primary. It is also recommended to have at least one additional Teacher/supervising Adult with the group should any problems arise. It is up to the school to determine what is appropriate for their students. The School/Teacher always has duty of care

Is there ferry service to the Quarantine Station?

Manly FastFerry operates the Ecohopper which makes regular stops at Q Station and offers very reasonable rates for school groups. Please contact them directly at 9583.1199 or Arriving by water is an experience not to be missed!

Inclement Weather

Except in the case of extreme weather activity such as electrical storms or high winds, tours generally run in all weather. Teachers should prepare their students for an outdoor activity. In the case that severe weather is forecast, our education program manager will be in communication with the coordinating teacher.

Site Safety

The Quarantine Station is a National Park. While all attempts have been made to secure the safety of visitors to the site, it remains a natural environment. We encourage physical engagement with the site. As such, all educational programs and activities take place outdoors and require walking up and down some reasonably steep hills (200 metres) on sealed and unsealed surfaces. All visitors should come prepared with sufficient water and wearing appropriate clothing including sunscreen, hats and close-toed shoes. We have a Risk Management Plan which can be downloaded. Click here . Teachers should read this document carefully and understand the risks and responsibilities involved as they have dirty of care. All of our guides have undergone background and working with children checks.

Coach Parking

There is NO provision for coaches to drive in, park, or turn around within Quarantine Station grounds. Coaches must drop students off at the round-about at the entrance. There is ample parking further out on North Head. Note that the gates to the North Head close at 1000PM and there is a fine to have them opened after hours. Please inform your coach driver of these conditions before arriving at the site to facilitate a safe drop-off of the students.

Q Station guides will meet you at the entrance to the site and accompany your group after the tour to facilitate safe offloading and unloading of passengers.

Cancellation Policy

Q Station Education will only cancel an education program in the event of extreme weather and in consultation with the Site Management  and the School/Teacher. If the School/Teacher choose to cancel an Education Program, we would do all we can to reschedule the visit and reserve the right to impose a $150 cancellation fee if this occurs within 48 hours of the scheduled visit.

Terms & Conditions

While we make every effort to insure consistency and accuracy across all of our educational programs, we reserve the right to substitute, alter or vary the content and the buildings visited. Please see all of our Terms & Conditions here.

If you still have any questions, please contact our Education Program Manager on 02-9466 1566 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..