Leave the hectic world behind. Experience the magic of Sydney Harbour from the site of the former North Head Quarantine Station now known as Q Station Sydney Harbour National Park - Manly

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Q Station is renowned for its important place in Australian history, panoramic views of Sydney's incredible harbour and location within the beautiful surrounds of Sydney Harbour National Park.

Located on Sydney's Northern Beaches, Q Station is just 5 minutes from Manly and 20 minutes from Sydney CBD.

Q Station offers education, history, ghost and paranormal tours as well as hotel accommodation. It is a conference & wedding venue, features a restaurant & bar as well as a cafe & exhibition centre which is open daily. 

Australian history just waiting to be explored

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North Head Quarantine Station was used from the 1830's to isolate people suspected to be carrying contagious diseases such as Spanish Influenza, Smallpox or Bubonic Plague. This strict quarantine was enforced in the hope that these deadly diseases would not reach the general population in Sydney. 

The Quarantine Station's heritage buildings reflect a rich history. Thousands of carved stone engravings record the diverse cultural and social backgrounds of quarantined passengers, mapping the station’s use from its early beginnings until its closure. Evidence of Aboriginal presence also highlights the Quarantine Station's important cultural and spiritual past.


Q Station is open to the public 7 days a week - Day Visitors are welcome - admission is free.

  • Want to know more about the Quarantine Station's history? Join one of our guided daytime history tours.
  • Join us for a lantern lit walk on one of our famous night ghost or paranormal tours.
  • Quarantine yourself in our hotel accommodation including historic cottages. All options offer privacy, comfort & a truly unique setting.
  • Grab a hot coffee, snack or light meal at the Luggage Store Visitor Centre Cafe.
  • Hire snorkeling gear & explore North Harbour Aquatic Reserve from Quarantine Beach.
  • Enjoy lunch or dinner at the Boilerhouse Harbourside Restaurant & Bar.
  • Walk the site & enjoy the beautiful views.
  • Bring your school on an Education Program or Excursion.
  • Take a leisurely swim at Quarantine Beach.
  • Wander through our free Quarantine exhibition.
  • Kayak or paddle board to or from Quarantine Beach.
  • Walk the Funicular Stairway featured on TV Show The Biggest Loser.
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